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permissions post

So Edward Cullen can read minds. It's p. cool.

Can he read your character's mind? If so, how much can he know?
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but he might not like it in there
there is 10000+ years of info in that head
and she was never human so she is very animalistic; everything is scents and sounds and movements, etc.
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we will see
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Tony Stark
Probably, but it's......kind of like sensory overload. All programming code and six different active processes and 40 background projects running numbers and shit. Yeah, it's p. cool.

Mitchell Hundred
So I think this would be a -pathyception?? He can hear machines all the time and he's boring anyway ok. Nobody should read his mind.

The Penguin
Sure! He's not nice, but Edward can!

Jack Hawksmoor
Yes! He talks to the City though...and so Edward might get that impression on him
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Mistah stark can dazzle you Edward :3c
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Yes sure

It's kinda shitass crazy, though

A lot of music going on. Like, all the time.

And also this shit

(LSD is a hell of a drug)
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yes he can for kanaya!

one thing he'd probably notice quickly is that, in her human form, the brightness of her glow is connected to her mood
might probably be able to catch how that human form isn't the only one she has, that she's an actually alien and also her race's equivalent to a vampire
he'd probably pick up knowledge of his entire canon, though potentially editorialized
yeah there'd be stuff

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Deadpool: Nope!! He's canonically immune to telepathy (apparently his brain is a crazy, static-y unreadable mess) which is probably a good thing for Edward, because no one wants to be subjected to what he's thinking 90% of the time.

Midnighter: Sure! He's got a few weird things though a) about 15 years or so prior to his pull point, he had his memory completely wiped, so everything before that is a blank, and b) whenever he confronts anything, he can trigger his precognition, which allows him to see every possible future that occurs from a fight. This ranges about a million or so possible outcomes per encounter, which a super-computer built in his brain helps him process and filter. Generally it happens too fast for telepaths to read?? But since Edward has super dazzling vampire speed on his side, he may be able to. OKAY WORD VOMIT OVER

Namor: Sure! He gets suuuuper pissy about telepaths rummaging around in his brain though..... And the majority of the time he'll be thinking in the Atlantean language.
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Terezi: well she apparently has some resistance to psychic abilities but is generally open to...communication...so i'll say yeah but if she ever noticed and decided she didn't want him to it would probably suddenly become very difficult for him. her mind is a slippery place :B

Stein ([personal profile] screwmeister): yeah go ahead he has no mental defenses whatsoever heh

Czeslaw ([personal profile] eternalcutie): also yeah because he also has no mental defenses whatsoever, but it's possible that edward might notice he has a whole life's worth of memories floating around in there that don't belong to him in addition to his own 300 years worth of memories? if that's even how his mindreading works idk
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Zatanna is a no-go. He might be able to catch her when her defenses are down, but for the most part, she is always protected against it. It's a biiiiiit of a touchy subject with her, mindstuff.

However, I am always willing to work around this.
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It'll be the one day that all she thinks about is pie.

He leaves the area feeling very hungry.
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YEAH HE CAN READ DICK'S MIND IF YOU WANT HIM TO \o/ just give me a heads up if that will involve secret identity knowledge and obv nothing that would expose other bats without their permission!
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CHELL reading her mind might actually be helpful because she doesn't talk! i usually specify what she's thinking, and what you'll get will probably be...not full out sentences but more ~feelings~ and ~emotions~ and that sort of thing. and of course he'll get a sneak peak at all the fun stuff she went through during Portal 1 and Portal 2. IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE GAME SERIES JUST KNOW: ARGH ROBOTS TRY TO KILL ME ARGH.

ISABELA ([personal profile] backstabbing) you can read her mind but i warn you

it's sex

lots and lots of sex

and perverse shit relating to sex.
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Monet ([personal profile] insufferablysmug) is a sort-of yes. she is a telepath but she doesn't keep up blocks consistently! so he would be able to initially but she would probably know pretty quickly and start kicking him out of her head, and if she was mad enough about it it's possible she would try to retaliate in some respect. she has anger and privacy issues.

Max ([personal profile] futurebatwoman) is a yes and he can know anything she's thinking about, though if it ever heads into secret identity territory that would have to be discussed and obvs nothing that would compromise other people's identities without talking to them first.
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Kenzi has no way to mentally keep anyone out so have at it! Free range to roam the fields of Kenzi's mindscape.