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 You've reached Edward Cullen. Leave a message after the tone and I'll get back to you.
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So Edward Cullen can read minds. It's p. cool.

Can he read your character's mind? If so, how much can he know?
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NAME: Colee
AGE: 16
JOURNAL: [personal profile] humancentiqueef 
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PLURK: coleebolee

CHARACTER NAME: Edward Cullen, AKA "Sparkles"
SERIES: Twilight (BOOK)
CHRONOLOGY: Before he meets Bella Swan, sometime in the early 2000s before the Cullens move to Forks
CLASS: Anti-Hero
He is a vampire that sparkles in the sunlight.

But he wasn't born that way. He was born in 1901 and lost his parents during the Spanish Influenza. Carlisle, a traveling vampire working as a doctor at the time, took it upon himself to save Edward and turn him into a vampire. He became extremely close with Carlisle and Esme, who became parent figures to him. Carlisle had raised him to be a 'good' vampire, not feeding on the blood of humans and instead existing on the blood of animals. Edward went through a rebellious phase in the late 1920s, leaving Esme and Carlisle and living in the streets and attacking criminals that didn't deserve to live. He returned to them a few years later.

Over the years, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice joined their coven. They became a typical 'family', with their own issues, fights, and opinions. They watched the culture change and moved around a lot, integrating into society and still enjoying their 'vegan' diet. But, despite having been to several different places around the world, Edward still hadn't found 'The One'. A few have seemed promising but, alas, they did not interest Edward in any way, shape, or form. Is he doomed to a life of eternal celibacy? Will he ever find the perfect girl? Only time will tell.

The world he comes from is very similar to Earth, only vampires and werewolves exist and have made their impacts on society in some way or another. They are still 'underground', but a few have made lasting impacts somewhere, like the Volturi. Vampires work differently in his world in that they sparkle in the sunlight. have enhanced everything, female vampires can't get pregnant but males, for some reason, have sperm still available to impregnate a woman? Vampires are weird, man. 

More information available on Edward here.
In the vampire world, there are those who embrace what they have been granted and those that despise it. Edward is the latter. Similar to most vampire protagonists, Edward hasn't come to terms with what he is. He sees himself as a monster, something far more dangerous than anything else out there. Unlike his 'siblings' and other vampires, he has not yet come to terms with this, leading him to become brooding and somewhat distant at times. He has a rather pessimistic view on life and himself.

Edward still has a good sense of humor. His behavior is somewhat dated (he refuses to conform the modern society; he liked it better back in the 20s and 30s fucking hipster), and he behaves like the 'perfect gentleman', as its been put before. He is polite, compassionate, and looks out for his family, sometimes with a tendency to over-react when something happens. He hasn't found the Right One yet, but he, being a romantic at heart, hopes that one day he will be able to find somebody. He believes that he'll be fine without anybody like the rest of his family does, but it's starting to take its emotional toll on him. There are only so many hobbies a man can have before the loneliness really sets in.

He has a sense of arrogance about him. Being a vampire has given him an ego, knowing that he can do whatever he wants, when he wants (not that he would). Endless hours being awake has increased his intelligence and ability to do certain hobbies (like scrapbooking, playing musical instruments, and composing music). His ability of telepathy also gives him an advantage above people, sometimes knowing what they want before they even do. He has developed a sense of paranoia about situations, which comes with seeing tragic events unfold for the entirety of his life and trying to analyze events that happen around him. He's come to expect the worst lately in his life.
Basic vampire abilities. Immortality, increased speed and strength, ability to not breathe, moving quietly, sparkling in the sunlight, enhanced smell/hearing, a super loud voice for ... some reason, and he is also able to impregnate women still? I have no idea how that is supposed to work but it's canon so.

Improved speed. In addition to vampires who already get an extra dose of speed, Edward has even more. He's like the Flash if he became a vampire.

Telepathy. Edward can hear thoughts, see images, and it's a 'sense' that he has, something he can't control. If he has a strong bond with somebody, he can read their thoughts even with a great distance between them. This works best with other vampires, and it also gives him an edge in fighting because he can anticipate his opponent's next move.

video }{

[ Edward's in a car that may or may not have been "borrowed" off a lot for a few days, holding his communicator to the side pointed towards his face. There's a crooked grin placed there. ]

There's nothing like roaring down a city street going a hundred and fifty. [ Sirens blare for a second before they're unable to be heard. ] The police here are about as useless as the ones in Los Angeles.

I've been enjoying the cloudy weather recently. It's easier to walk amongst the living without having attention drawn to you when your skin isn't blinding everyone. [ He gives a short laugh. ]

So, tell me, city, what makes a person a hero? [ The car brakes suddenly, but Edward doesn't seem bothered by it. He looks down at the communicator. ] What makes them a villain? Is somebody born inherently good or evil, as the Puritans believed, or can people change?

It's a question I've pondered for almost a hundred years. [ He leans back in his seat, starting the car back up to its previous speed. ] Perhaps somebody here has an answer I've never considered before.


His hands trail over the piano, eyes closed as he listens to the melody his fingers produce. This was his life now- sneaking into shops at night and playing with whatever interested him. He was bored here without anybody from his family with him or a real 'home' to stay in. He felt like a transient, and ate like one, too; recently his snacks have included rats like some down-in-the-dumps vampire.

Soon he would have to go out to the nearest wood and capture some big game. He refused to breathe in the air in the city; too many people had scents that were unlike anything he'd ever smelled before. Or maybe it was getting worse now that he was becoming hungrier and hungrier with each passing day.

Superheroes and supervillains - like the ones that existed in the movies and comic books back home - existed here. Their blood smelled strange, almost tainted but not in a bad way. Just ... different from what he was used to. Rarely did it ever smell appetizing. He preferred pure, clean blood; like the blood of animals.

He stopped suddenly, nearly invisible as he slides out of the chair and hides behind a bookcase. A man with a flashlight and shotgun in his hand opens the door, calling out for whoever was in his store. Edward had anticipated that he would be a heavy sleeper with all the alcohol he had been drinking earlier. The man's flashlight illuminates his hiding spot, but he's already moved before it reached him.

The man's thoughts were jumbled, typical of somebody still drunk. Edward swiftly and quietly made his way out of the store, jumping up to a nearby rooftop and looking out at the skyline of the city illuminated in the moonlight. Edward tried to avoid staring at the moon when he could; the penis on it was very unsightly. Emmett would probably enjoy it, if he were here.

Another music store catches his eye and, with the slightest blink of his eye, he's already in the store, closing the door behind him. He'd become a master of unlocking locked doors quickly. Was that the beginning of a supervillain? Edward didn't care. He chuckled to himself when he spotted an electronic keyboard in the middle of the store on display. Memories of the 1980s, of his brief stint with the electronic keyboard, came to mind. It'd been years since he'd played one since then; he wondered if he was any good at it still.

It took him only a second to get back into 'character', his 80s persona that he (along with Alice and Esme) had created for himself. Too bad he didn't have the awful clothing to go with it. He played a few notes, then smiled to himself and took a breath. There was nobody within fifty feet of the store, and nobody that he could sense out walking on the streets.

"There is nothing above, but the stars above." His voice took on a strange auto-tuned sound, something that took him a few months of straight practicing to fully master. The song he was playing was an old one, something Alice and Esme had played with him when they had nothing better to do. He could do all the parts skillfully, impressed with himself that he could remember something from that long ago.

On the last word, he stared down at the keyboard for a few moments. He broke out into laughter suddenly, shaking his head at himself. He glanced around at the other instruments in the store thoughtfully, finally deciding that, well, he didn't really have anything else going on tonight. There was nothing wrong with just 'borrowing' the instruments and playing them for a few hours, after all.

I don't know if you caught this or not but he's a sparkling vampire.


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